Actor Shin Se-kyung, this 17 afternoon in Seoul MAPO-GU Sangam-dong MBC held at the MBC tree mini series 'A new building for the command'(the river water, Han Hyun-Hee staged Kim Lake and dramatic scripts) making presentations to attend the photo you have.

Shin Se-kyung, save her!

Shin Se-kyung, for please fighting!

Shin Se-kyung 'On the face ask for joy'

Shin Se-kyung 'Mother Princess?'

Shin Se-kyung 'Alluring image analysis'

'A new building for the command' Hyeon "Chic and role, the cool sound I want to hear"

More beautiful in the photo, Shin Se-kyung

Cha Eun-woo - Shin Se-kyung, The Lover is like just

Shin Se-kyung, drama befitting the Beautiful looks

Shin Se-kyung 'And pure to'

New authority to command return to Shin Se-kyung!

Shin Se-kyung 'Elegantly'

Cha Eun-woo - Shin Se-kyung, an enviable one

Shin Se-kyung, graceful, Beautiful looks to

Shin Se-kyung 'Chic charm'

Shin Se-kyung, a beautiful new Museum!

Shin Se-kyung - Cha Eun-woo 'We fit together?'

Jeon So-min, 'Small is sexy'

Best team Network 'Running Man' (sbs2017 SBS Entertainment Awards)