And the expression 'Far from striking hair color'

TWICE Sana 'Sneakers even perfect ratio'

And Mina 'Coat complete with an elegant swipe, Holy'

And my speech - the expression 'The tree pillars of the folders greeting'

TWICE Sana 'Prettier with beauty'

And Chae 'Can Security and the activities you focus on.~'

And TZUYU 'The youngest of the superior leg length'

TWICE Sana - the expression 'Pink Lady'

The square 'Gaze, robbed of red cap'

TWICE Sana 'Trophy crown'..wacky charm exudes

TWICE Sana, 1st place trophy as cute and playful

TWICE Sana,'Merriment stage'

Sana 'Dodo charm.'

TWICE Sana 'Lovely ultra.'

Sana the expression 'Cute Miami next cute dear'

TWICE Sana - the expression, 'Heart-fluttering!'

TWICE Sana - the expression 'Pink Lady'

TWICE Sana, 'Fascinating beauty'

TWICE Sana - the expression 'Reviews'

TWICE Sana 'Trophy head ssook'