Conduction delay, 'For Master Yun to set and'

Jung Woo-sung,'Seating is also charismatic to'

'Straw' conduction delay "Jung Woo-sung and the first Breath of satisfaction, or want to meet"

Jung Woo-sung, sharp nose

Jung Woo-sung, a handsome is caught

Jung Woo-sung, a bright Miso

Yun by, 'The new Director hates~'

Yun by, 'I only the villain should be~'

Jung Woo-sung,'Contemporary and cool Miso'

Straw even want to hold the Beast's Kim Yong-Hoon Director

Jung Ga-ram, 'Anticipated rookie Actor'

Straw even look like beasts, 'Ordinary human criminals electrode'

Straw even look like beasts, 'Here all all the bad people'

Jung Woo-sung, 'Isn't just the atmosphere that is'

Jung Woo-sung, 'Water other smoke throughout the hotel'

Conduction delay - Jung Woo-sung, a colorful encounter

- You Jung Woo-sung

Conduction-Yeon, Jung Woo-sung and well beaten.

Jung Woo-sung,'And spilling sea'

Yun to enter the field of counseling in the bread with the conduction natural Jung Woo-sung