EXO Kai,'The wind along with the Departure'

EXO Guardian,'Departure time check'

EXO Kai,'Spirited footsteps'

EXO Guardian, daily in the wonderful patience

EXO protection, free days..Qingqing fashion with embellish visuals

R&B Samsung Group business-to-man and because Maurice - Shawn Stockman, 8 years on

And because Maurice, 'Bouquet and I'

'Music Bank' EXO, starring without 1..Kim Jae-hwan and Park Jin-Young and Stray Kids comeback

Departure to EXO,'Hot, popular'

EXO Sehun,'The Mask also can cool eyes'

EXO Sehun,'Robin Hood belongs to the wonderful eyes'

EXO Guardian,'Intense eyes'

EXO Guardian,'Man that P!nk'

EXO Sehun - the Guardian,'With departure for'

EXO Sehun - the Guardian,'Itoda for Departure'

EXO Guardian - Sehun,'Enjoyable story'

EXO Baekhyun,'La hiding tight'

EXO Baekhyun,'A thorough security'

EXO Chen - Baekhyun,'With departure for'

EXO Kai,'Chic'