Samsung Group EXO member Kai with SHINee members Taemin, BTS members Jimin, including friends in laughter in charge said.

"'Super Siem Reap port on the server(SuperM Forever)'And shout I can".

Aleksa "SM fans, SHINee→EXO up account information, in accordance with good"

'SHINee and EXO and NCT and WayV Cong' Super Thu, 10 November 4 Vail take off

SHINee and EXO and NCT Cong Idol emerges

SHINee+EXO+NCT=Super Siem Reap..United States of America aimed at SM, the new strategy through until

SHINee+EXO+NCT Union team, SuperM, October 10 global launching.."CMG request+this function is only producing"

SM side "SHINee and EXO and NCT Cong new boy group launch, of 8, official announcement"(Official position)

SM, SHINee+EXO+NCT project group creating one.."8 announcement expected"

EXO+SHINee+NCT Cong Union team, born?..SM side "8 announcement expected"

SM side "EXO+SHINee+NCT new boy group? 8 8 the official announcement"

"Changmin→guardian until" Minho Military service, SM★one(ft.Choi Siwon')

Lee Tae-min, soft eyes

Handed to the soldiers that Lee Tae-min

Lee Tae-min, a mask with cool attitude full

SHINee's member, and as a solo artist is also a grab and Lee Tae-min fashion magazine Maria Grazia Cucinotta 2 on the cover.

'SHINee' Person Height, just!

Lee Tae-min 'Breath Hook Hook'(Airport fashion)

'SHINee' Lee Tae-min, The Person Height hand Hand greeting

'SHINee' Person Height,Lee Tae-min hour for the Hand greeting