'Comeback' DKB, 2nd Teaser revealed..funky Retro feel

"Funky+Retro" OH MY GIRL, 7, 7 Color individual Teaser open..upgraded visuals

"Another dimension Spy"..'Good casting' with→Lee Jong Hyuk, Retro sensibility Norman Foster

Actor Gong Hyo-jin this is the perfect Retro look was.

Kim WAN Line, the 80's look as it is..Preservatives Beautiful looks 'Surprise'

Red Velvet Yeri go Retro atmosphere of near panic to the public.

WINNER, 3 26, new song 'Moxibustion' line in public..Retro Family Portrait with high expectations

WINNER Kang Seung-yoon X Kim Jin-woo, a delightful Family Portrait public..Retro sensibility 'Well'

EXO Kai, 'Pictorial craftsmanship'of Retro free spring look

EXO Chen, 'Love thee' Weekly Album Chart 1 for master rights..overwhelming Solo power

"We are honest with" I believe listening to Chen's love story(synthesis)

EXO Chen this came back to 8090 emotional ballad

EXO Chen, rewinding to sing it.'Love thee'

EXO Chen this fall but.. "Dum Dum and honest sincere"

"Won't help you."..EXO Chen, Retro pop sensibility 'We How do I'

'Solo' Chen "EXO's 'splendor'More 'honesty'As the frequency"

EXO Chen this 'Love thee', autumn The wind tiles and a Retro sensibility