'Gorgeous in itself be'..Irene, Spring know the and Beautiful looks

Yeri, pink on pink charm..women image and Mature image patience

Red Velvet Seulgi with freckles painted face to the public.

'Vagrant market,' Kim WAN Line, EXO→Red Velvet until Junior Idol perfection dance cover "Real Celebrity"

'Vagrant market,' Kim WAN Line, Red Velvet and EXO dance cover 'Perfect place'

'Vagrant market' National Herald Scam, Sunmi and Red Velvet, such as Junior Idol dance cover showcase

Kim WAN Line 'Vagrant market' scramble, garage sales→EXO Red Velvet to cover up

Red Velvet Yeri, fashion, top..cute and attractive patience

Red Velvet Joy in the everyday, from the shiny visuals..'Set your hearts'

Samsung Group Red Velvet member Joy with Spring like bright Miso for life.

Red Velvet Irene, dazzling Miso in the 'Heart-fluttering'

Red Velvet Yeri, drawing skills level..'The Adventures of Goddess'

Red Velvet Joy, admiration call and fascinating beauty "New things open to"

Red Velvet Yeri go Retro atmosphere of near panic to the public.

Red Velvet Seulgi, Sunday evening Fan center low price Beautiful looks

Red Velvet Seulgi, 'Blue jeans+white party'on flowers terminal Leeds renew

Red Velvet Joy, lovely Miso..a unique pure and elegant beauty

Samsung Group Red Velvet member Joy the devilish pose with a Spring feel to it.

Red Velvet Joy, neat jewelry styling

Red Velvet Yeri "Music as you can tell people it"