Yeri, pure, Beautiful looks with everyday

'Foreign Model like'..Red Velvet Seulgi, exclusive Aura

Red Velvet Joy, Reeds lawn service deadly presence..photoshoot even believe I

Red Velvet Seulgi X Wendy, 'The structure of the business'is Is Love♥

Red Velvet Joy, seductive eyes with the magnificence of a sexy beauty

Red Velvet Joy, up close pictures more pretty

'Hair-pin+glasses'..Red Velvet Seulgi, cuteness Explosion that item

Joy, 'Knowing Bros'service point 'EXO Lodge'on the rebirth time

'Well brother' Red Velvet Joy, point to the Idol to? "EXO Lodge"

'Well brother' Kang Ho-Dong, Red Velvet Joy with the help 'EXO Lodge' crowned

"EXO, not EXO Lodge"..'Knowing Bros' Red Velvet Joy, Kang Ho-Dong make-over challenge

'Well brother' Kang Ho-Dong, Red Velvet Joy hand Idol 'EXO Lodge' crowned

'Intellectual beauty patience'..Red Velvet Joy, career woman like to wear

Red Velvet Joy, juicer fruit did eat? As eyes on the Fan center and

Red Velvet Joy, close shot no matter of a flawless, Beautiful looks

Red Velvet Seulgi, Exhibition stand Explosion curiosity for 'Happy Jump - Endless Arcade attraction iron steel'

Red Velvet Yeri "Today I"..Ruff→wide 'Cute charm exudes'

Samsung Group Red Velvet member Yeri with XING(SNS)through near situation I was.

Red Velvet Joy, sitting may only be a photoshoot..chic beauty much

Red Velvet Yeri, two cute immerse yourself in the 'Sound waves ultrasound~'