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Jung Woo-sung, now a handsome The Secret Of revealed.

Jung Woo-sung(JUNGWOOSUNG), 'Still Handsome appearance' (Blue Dragon Film Awards)

'Academy Awards' Jung Woo-sung, the visuals in the smoke until the man with

Jung Woo-sung 'Greetings Hana Hana in Poplar'

Jung Woo-sung 'Greetings to the piece'

Jung Woo-sung and Jung Hae In and Lee Kwang-Soo 'Autumn nights Red Carpet to sewn a handsome'

Jung Woo-sung 'Walking work of art'

Jung Woo-sung, 'Innocent Witness'as Academy Awards Awards

Jung Woo-sung - out - Jo Jung-suk 'Suit fit this is not!'

Jung Woo-sung, chiseled looks (40th Blue Dragon Film Awards)

Jung Woo-sung 'True Harvey Weinstein'

Jung Woo-sung 'Shining celestial world of the visual'

Jung Woo-sung 'Walking Sculpture'

Jung Woo-sung, Radiant Office Visual!

Jung Woo-sung, just listen to your heart thump!

Jung Woo-sung, A cannot be nice

Jung Woo-sung 'Heart-fluttering eyes'

Jung Woo-sung 'Face glued to the screen handsome'

Jung Woo-sung 'Innate handsome'