'Teen Real TALK-kids play' production presentation

Han Chae-young 'English language, Chinese language'

Park Myeong-su 'Real heart-fluttering eye alignment'

Kim Yoo-jung, 'The Real only choice and Beautiful looks'

Wanna One of the last Real art 'on the Warner so Season 2' 12 November broadcast

The glass 'Darkness impenetrable and appeared'

Son Tae-young - who - solicitation, Makgeolli on one with seniors and juniors

'Makgeolli mania' glass, the last drops of up to~relish

이혜영 'Center from the South the other aid fashionistas'

유리 'Elegant party look'

Son Tae-young 'Makgeolli도 와인처럼 우아하게~'