Actor or, in this application, the Pyo Ye-jin's strings can't be obscured that Beautiful looks with the public.

Pyo Ye-jin 'Hotel Del one day' starring Celebratory photo "Wait a minute Pizza Eat"

Learn Pyo Ye-jin this SBS new KBS Drama Special 'VIP'(pole car to support/directing this picture) the shooting site Vitamin as took an active part.

Pyo Ye-jin, pure image explosion 'Follow image 11'

The command 'Sky chiffon fashion'

The 'If you love more prettier.'

The 'Romance rumor after the first public appearance to attend'

Yu Garden, 'Kim the why' team meeting the public "So salutations and good."

'Hyun-woo ♥' Pyo Ye-jin, It's pretty.

Pyo Ye-jin, public lover Hyun-woo

Pyo Ye-jin, Canada Straw Hat Pushes Heidi's Transform 'It's Like a Picture.'

'Kim Byoung-su' Pyo Ye-jin "Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young Romance rumor"

'Why is Kim Ji-suk' Park Seo-joon ♥ Park Min-young, Pyo Ye-jin "Give it a secret."

'Running Man' side "Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill and Love, Simon Peek recording finished, 22nd broadcast"

'Kim Byoung-su' Park Min-young, 'Park Seo-joon and a secret love' in Pyo Ye-jin

Pyo Ye-jin, Unusual doll from cottage Beautiful looks .. Picture of childhood

Black Pink Jenny, 'Running Man'

'Running Man' Jenny, sweeping real-time search .. 'Tom Cruise starring' notice

'Running Man' Jenny Newcomer Certification .. Best 1 Minute Charge