Purple 'In the theater example, the joy explosion'

Purple 'Camera towards the fly V'

Purple 'Mike and the last column PR'

Cherry tablet Purple, adorable~

Cherry tablet Purple, 'Cute wink~'

Purple, even more prettier with Beautiful looks

Cherry tablet Purple, 'the Cute V -~'

Cherry tablet Purple 'Hand greeting is cute'

Purple, 'Jungle Girl and the bright'

Purple, 'Crosswalk swimmingly'

Purple 'Excellent proportions'

Purple 'Jungle before leaving photoshoot shoot?'

Purple 'The morning is chilly~'

"Lying in the snow." Purple, merriment everyday

Group Sistar released their own and Purple with Hyolyn Concert I attended.

Purple 'Increasingly prettier but looks'

Purple 'Shoulder line slightly exposed and'

Purple 'Mother ashamed.'

Purple 'Clothes too flow the next month'