The members Lee Kwang-Soo popularity awards were celebrating.

Yoo Jae Suk the Nations favorite Celebrity 1 ranked.

EXO Guardian, heart-fluttering!

EXO Guardian, sweet visuals

Park Jihoon, 2nd mini album 'Three hundred sixty' photo Teaser Three hundred sixty degrees ver. Public..'Pure→fatal'

EXO Guardian, the instant of eye contact

EXO Guardian, today is the Actor on The Metamorphosis

EXO Guardian today, and enjoy

EXO protection, a bright Miso

EXO Guardian, today is also the heart thump!

Cho Yeo-jeong - Jung Woo-sung, the most Happiness in one moment

Cho Yeo-jeong - Jung Woo-sung, Happiness one moment fondly

Jung Woo-sung and Cho Yeo-jeong's more, 5 Crown 'Parasites' best film

Jung Woo-sung, Academy Awards trophy holding!

Jung Woo-sung, too Happiness one moment

Academy Awards Jung Woo-sung, a hot hug

Jung Woo-sung, Academy Awards Awards the moment!

Jung Woo-sung, all of the celebration belongs to the Academy Awards Awards

Jung Woo-sung, the most exciting moment!

Jung Woo-sung, Blue Dragon Film Awards Academy Awards Awards the moment