Cho Soo-hyang 'This is so pretty.'

Kristine Kim 'Tears me, I guess'

Cho Soo-hyang 'Devotees stay after prettier.'

Cho Soo-hyang 'Confident stance'

Moon So-ri 'Graceful white suit appeared'

Cho Soo-hyang 'Long legs, these fashion'

Kim, life learning settings help the tears well out of trouble! (The jury Production report society)

Kim, what signs of emotionality (Juror s Production report society)

"Eyes overwhelmed with"..Moon So-ri, charismatic judge

IU 'As an actor Mike to catch a glimpse off.'

IU 'Shy greetings'

IU 'Laughter-filled face with admission'

IU 'Water like Shining Romance White fashion'

Witness the line in which Jung Woo-sung - Kim Hyang Gi - supervision (witness Production report society)

Jung Woo-sung - Kim Hyang Gi - supervision, get (witness Production report society)

Jung Woo-sung, suit Model Man suit fit!

'Persona' IU "The first movie, the Netflix comes through so be glad"

IU - Yoon Jong Shin, the first movie the challenge..the'Persona' Production report society

IU 'fine dust never got a beat for joy of spirit'

IU 'The fairy tale book, fairy as well!'