Within a group Izone member Jang Won-young this New York City at 'the Center of Beautiful looks'to and was.

Izone Nako Yabuki, from the world the best cute winking Self

Izone Jang Won-young's life, the first solo pictorial with 'the Visual Center The New Beautiful looks'

Izone, uniform wearing flower mimo diver .. pictorial behind

Mnet, Aizu won debut Reality lightning production .. The first broadcast at the end of October

Owned, luxury goods completed with Crotty .. Charism ↑

Aizu One Miyawaki Sakura → Miho 'Fdu 48' day student joined together

Honda Honda Hitomi X Choi, Mimo looks like his sister.

Aizu won, debut full-fledged .. 'Io Ai and Wanna One succeed'

Kim Min-joo - Joe Yuri, 'The bread crashed.'

Lee Chae-yeon, full of maturity

"National Peek" Aizu won, debut on October 29 .. authentic Korean girl group

Aizu Won Center Jang Won-young "Kook-hwan, thank you for your valuable opportunity to do your best"

Jang Won-young, Superior Checkup → Reverse discrimination Checked presence of the center

Aoi Ai rejoined in 'Produced 48' Congratulations to Aizu's sincere debut

Jang Won-young and Sakura to 'Fdu 48' Aizu One, the way to Global Girl Group (Comprehensive)

'Produced 48' controversial end ... AIDS Won concerns and expectations

'Produced 48' Lee Seung-gi, CEO of Kunpoo + Live MC =

'Fdu 48', I.O.I → Wanna One → Aids circle

"You were wonderful." Iga, 'AS → New East W' support wave (total)