JBJ95 "Chapter 3 of albums of the same genre of the song is that there is no their part"

'Wanna ' One' formula for 3 months, alone and with a group {"code":200,"lang":"EN-en","text":["

'Produce 101', Season 4 comes.......3 October in the first camp(official)

"2 the Wanna One I see"..'Production X101', 3 July the first camps start

1 29, today's Idol is? Wanna One(WANNA ONE) 'Lee Dae-hwi'

Ha Sung-woon "Wanna One activity, if you live in the most were happy"

Ha Sung-woon "Wanna One the most Happiness, a dream that was just like the day they"

Ha Sung-woon "Wanna One activity..if you live in the most were happy."

Wanna One│① Hana Hana opening Hana Hana become.

Yoon Sung and who are the 'Solo'→La is 'One parallel'..Wanna One future activity planning