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"Reminder wedding shaking"..Hye-rim Park, the top Model of the wedding dress shapes

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Last month 31, the movie 'Lion(Director Kim Joo Hwan)'has been released.

"Imagine the realization that game movie" "My area has widened and think"

Actor Ahn Seong-GI "is Actually Catholic as the priest role, it is hard not,"he said.

'Lion' Choi Woo-shik, priest special nature "Latin for more"

Car people, 'Full of smiles'

Park Yong-woo, a man full of visual'Priest'

Refinery, 'Sight-catching Beautiful looks'

'Priest' Park Yong-woo, the Male Image+Charisma overflowing 'The new priest'

In connection with 'Stand building location address'

In connection with - Jung Yu-mi 'Affectionate couple is'

Park - Yeon Woo-jin, 'Sticky friendship of the priest'

In connection with, 'Jung Yu-mi, towards a warm and caring'

In connection with, 'Jung Yu-mi, towards a warm and caring'