EXO Chen, dissolve the eyes

Chen, "'We how to do'To memories before and wanted to" second Mini album Pitch sex free

EXO Chen, Sehun for a Pitch to the MC themselves 'A heart-warming friendship'

Chen X Sehun, Pitch together for this..EXO's friendship 'Warming'

Chen to Pitch MC surprise so Sehun, EXO 7 years sticky friendship, praise,

EXO Chen, the second Mini album Pitch

EXO Sehun "Kai, Chen title song 30 times and praised"

EXO Chen, Sweet Little Voice

EXO Chen 'Love thee'

EXO Sehun - Chen, we have Hana Hana

EXO Sehun - Chen, a feel-good showcase

EXO Chen's Pitch for Social Security is Sehun

Chen "EXO and solo's the difference? Splendor VS honesty"

'The second Mini album Pitch has EXO Chen'

EXO Chen,'Fans in album'

Chen 'Sleep well.'

EXO Chen, Melody As you bask in the

Sehun - Chen, giving and receiving or

Chen 'Atmosphere genius'

Chen 'Seo Min-jung'