Gugudan washing, 독특한 하이힐로 시선강탈

Kwon Hyun Bin, percentage visuals and also thumbs up!

Kim Go-eun, 아담하지만 완벽한 비율

'Eyes as heart-fluttering~' Kim Go-eun, 달달한 눈웃음~

Gugudan washing, screen in a scene like

Purple 'Increasingly prettier but looks'

Purple 'Shoulder line slightly exposed and'

Kim Go-eun 'Eye-catching heart-fluttering smile'

Gugudan 미나, 명동에서도 빛나는 미모

미나 - washing 'Yes, your joy is doubled'

Gugudan washing, nowadays fashionable unique shoes and

Purple 'Mother ashamed.'

Sung Hoon 'A soft smile faded'

Kim Go-eun 'Face really small?'

Gugudan 'Today a little drastic?'

Gugudan 미나 'From a distance, in a MIMO'

Sung Hoon 'Beanie goes well?'

Gugudan washing - 미나 'Early in the morning so hard that memo'