'item' Lee Jung-hyun, the evil General was where and~ Pure Smile

Jin Se-yeon, item Party with the staff I came

Jang Seung-jo, a!

Car people, 'Full of smiles'

PIO, good Hand greeting!

Heo Jeong-min, 'Impish to'

Kim, JI-Suk, Milky to get

Jang Seung-jo 'Hall is main!'

Park Yong-woo, a man full of visual'Priest'

Refinery, 'Sight-catching Beautiful looks'

Tamping down 'the Intense P!nk pants'

Yun happy, our Milky came?

This, the President of Tokyo Fashion

Kim, JI-Suk, Yeo floating in the Milky this

Yoon Bora 'Kya slid~'

Kim Jae Won 'Party with the staff is comfortable with fashion'