Park Min-ji 'I'm nervous and I can not drink water.'

Park Min-ji 'Careful stepping in'

Seo Young-hee 'Ghost pose trying to challenge laugh'

Son Na-eun 'Exposure Zero Hand Heel Covered Fashion'

Seo Young-hee 'Looking at university junior Son Na-eun'

Son Na-eun Seo Young Hee 'Hami smile interview'

Park Min-ji, 'Flower beauty'

Park Min-ji, is not I a scary face?

Park Min-ji, 'The most exciting moments'

Park Min-ji 'A sweet short beauty'

Son Na-eun 'Horror movie'

Park Min-ji 'I'll let you creep in the fall.'

Seo Young Hee 'Horror Movie Black'

Park Min-ji, 'A stepping streak'

Son Na-eun 'The glittering beauty of the first starring movie'