Park Jung-min "SS501 Integrity? All five members are positive"

"10 national actors united." "I screamed for the first time while acting."

'Mr. Sean Shine 'Park Jung-min Special Show "A short but important figure"

'Running Man' Park Jung-min, Lee Kwang-soo refuse to speak .. "You'll edit it again."

'Running Man' Park Jung-min, Lee Kwang-soo "I'm going to edit it again."

'A heavy eye'

Kim Go-eun 'Attractive Luxury Earring'

Kim Go-eun 'Enormous Leg length'

Kim Go-eun - Park Jung-min, the song I hear these days is 'Thoracic Toad'

'Throughout the year' Kim Go-eun "Introduced to my close sister? Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum not Park Jung-min"

"'The second Kim Go-eun'I'm so embarrassed." (Interview)

"A surprise reversal" .. Lee Joon-ik X Park Jung-min,

Kim Go-eun 'Beautiful looks darkness' (Byeonsan)

Kim Go-eun, 'Kim Ye-won Chuck to Park Jung-min'

Kim Go-eun 'Fans are shouting at Azaza' (Byeonsan)

Park Jung-min "'Byeonsan'ir Wrapper Challenge ..."

'Byeonsan' Lee Joon-ik X Park Jung-min X Kim Go-eun,