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Han Ji-min→Xinmin, the 'Independent Art Film Challenge' involved..Gong Hyo-jin and Park Hyo-joo now

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'Running Man' Yoo Jae Suk X Park Hyo-joo, 'Salsa instinct' divergent couples salsa dance English Training: Have Fun Improving Your Ski?

'Running Man' 1st quiz Ultimate, the negative participants, Lee Kwang-Soo - Song JI Hyo - Park Hyo-joo Roundup success(comprehensive)

'Running Man' unclean attendees Song JI Hyo X A X Park Hyo-joo 3-man Roundup→product failure to acquire

'Running Man' quiz Ultimate Challenge, Yoo Jae Suk winning..negative participants 3 Roundup a success

'Running Man', Park Hyo-joo and Lee Gwang Soo and Song JI Hyo, negative the participants of the Roundup..The Mission to fail(comprehensive)

'Running Man', Park Hyo-joo and Song JI Hyo and Lee Kwang-Soo, negative participants were 'Power Roundup a success'

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