Kim WAN photoshoot and Interview with the public.

River pool, Ong, Seong-wu Alba that Convenience is open for schedules force Raider

Ong Seong-wu, 'Hoya' Good bye best level if "The last moment"

'Eighteen of the moment' Ong Seong-wu, full of enthusiasm, script English Training: Have Fun Improving Your Ski+thermal blood monitoring field capture

Kim fragrance, a playful smile(ft.Ong Seong-wu and Moon Bin and Kim News, Yoon)

2019 2 November solo debut steadily since the fans and the masses catch the ears of Ha Sung-woon the AT style 9 for garnish.

Ong Seong-wu, fan Iced coffee stand in the heart-warming Celebratory photo "For the best"

Ong Seong-wu the 90s teen star as The Metamorphosis was.

Group Warner you learn Ong Seong-wu the piece, such as a visual to show him.

Ong Seong-wu family With 9 on-screen information shooting.

'Eighteen of the moment' Ong Seong-wu "A day like today gives you with over there?"

Heo Young-ji X Ong Seong-wu, men the same heart-warming Kemi "Flowers only walking"

'Eighteen of the moment' Ong Seong-wu, straight mode→ Kim fragrance X Kim Sun-Young, and the Love Triangle (DJ Ivy mix)

Ong Seong-wu with the magnificence of the intellectual charm.."The moment of reading"

Ong Seong-wu, 'Eighteen of the moment' shooting of Boy, the beauty is captured

"uniform city Perfect match"..'Eighteen of the moment' Ong Seong-wu, the shooting scene photos public

Eighteen young people of Kemi was unveiled.

'Eighteen of the moment' Ong Seong-wu X, Kim fragrance X Shin Seung-Ho, Acting City visuals so hard

'Column by ten of the moment' side "Ong Seong-wu Kim fragrance, differentiated youth school buildings will be"