'From today 1' The Miami the 8 weeks of the end to the middle, Song Hong-Chul "Actress Song Hye-kyo, thus did"he says.

Park Joong-hoon, Without Borders have a thumb wash

Park Joong-hoon - Ahn Jung-hwan - Shin-Se-kyung - Sam Okyere, get the atmosphere!

Shin Se-kyung, 'Created pretty face'

Welcome to a smiling Shin Se-kyung

A women over Shin Se-kyung

'Without Borders four car' photo with Shin Se-kyung

Shin Se-kyung 'Big hearts so~'

Shin Se-kyung 'To Infinity~'

Shin Se-kyung, doll so don't

Shin Se-kyung, an 'Prettier with visual'

Shin Se-kyung, 'For the state'

Shin Se-kyung, Short One Piece, carefully'

Shin Se-kyung "Legal correspondence..line no."

Shin Se-kyung, The Mall of America for a line like business.

Shin Se-kyung 'Hidden camera controversy on making presentations attending'

Shin Se-kyung, Beautiful looks with Luxury in itself

Shin Se-kyung, soft, Beautiful looks

Shin Se-kyung, lovely for car in God

Shin Se-kyung 'His deep eyes'