Oh Yeon-seo, The Mask writing.. Dreamy atmosphere well

Oh Yeon-seo, goodbye so lovingly!

Oh Yeon-seo 'Pretty eyes and I'll show you!'

Oh Yeon-seo on the face, for joy is full!

Oh Yeon-seo 'Bangs life.'

Oh Yeon-seo, a lovely girlfriend, Holy!

Oh Yeon-seo 'Lovely hearts'

Oh Yeon-seo, and sunglasses, there are Beautiful looks!

Oh Yeon-seo, the'Pigeon red'

Oh Yeon-seo 'Perfect Vacances Holy'

Oh Yeon-seo, Airport fashion

Oh Yeon-seo 'Beautiful visage'

Oh Yeon-seo 'Dazzling Hand greeting'

Oh Yeon-seo 'Sunglasses take off?'

Oh Yeon-seo 'In the eyes, hearts dolls to get'

Oh Yeon-seo, the'Sight-catching Airport fashion'

Airport fashion that Oh Yeon-seo

Oh Yeon-seo, youthful fashion shy smile!

Oh Yeon-seo, flawless, Beautiful looks compelling inflight Self 'Snowy Road'