Kai Gary McKinnon, ready SM "Gary McKinnon album comes out"

SM side "EXO Kai, 8 years Gary McKinnon album ready"

EXO Kai side "Gary McKinnon album Ready..release date is to be announced"

'Oh! Three exceptional villas' former design - information analysis - Hwang Shin Hye, KBS weekend pole in Cong(Official position)

Jung Woo-sung and Kwok also and Yoo Yeon-seok 'Steel 2: the 2007 inter-Korean summit', 7 29 opening confirmed

Shin Se-kyung, JTBC new drama 'London temperature' appearances confirmed..foreign currency translation The Metamorphosis

Park Bo-gum, 8 31 Enlisted "Royal Navy cultural relations disease acceptance..Cheering a favor"

Blossom Side "Park Bo-gum Royal Navy culture promote illness Acceptance, 8 of 31, Enlisted"

Park Bo-gum, Royal Navy cultural relations disease Acceptance..8 31 Enlisted

Park Bo-gum, 8 31, Enlisted.."Royal Navy culture promote illness Acceptance, Enlisted before shooting"

Park Bo-gum, 8 31, Enlisted for "Royal Navy culture, promoting disease Acceptance"

Park Bo-gum Royal Navy Military Music disease becomes "8 31 Enlisted"(Official position)

Park Bo-gum, 8 31, Enlisted..Royal Navy culture, promoting disease Acceptance (Official position and expert)

Park Bo-gum Enlisted "Royal Navy culture promote illness Acceptance, 8 31, go"(Official position)

Park Bo-gum, Royal Navy culture, promoting disease Acceptance..8 31 Enlisted

EXO Sehun&Chanyeol unit comeback confirmed..the first Music album '10 billion I' 7 13 sale

EXO Baekhyun, 'Only quiz' scramble "Recording completed..7 March 1 broadcast"

"Handcuffs Chanpurū, Lee Joon-GI and Moon Chae-won?"..'Flower of evil' 7 22, first broadcast confirmed

Lee Chang-Hoon, tvN 'Youth records' cast..Park Bo-gum and confrontation are expected

Yang Min 'Youth records' appearances confirmed, Park Bo-gum - Park So-dam, and Breath(Official position)