This new 'ideal type is Lee Na-young and couples Acting'

Kim described the 'Women's dissolving Hand greeting'

'Termination of the contract' Hyuna - E'Dawn 'is the first official overseas expressions, how was that?'

Hyuna - E'Dawn,'Cube contract year after the first accompanied by official comments'

Ha Ji-won 'Fire the items on The Party and enjoy a fashion'

Irene 'Lightly fold the long legs~'

Park Bo-young 'Impressive Sunny is also cute'

Nam Sang-mi 'Twink actor of the post'

Esom 'Cute and adorable to'

Esom 'Spunky appeared'

Han Sunhwa, a lovely smile

Han Sunhwa, extreme dual role, I like it.

Han Sunhwa 'Pure Smile'and'

Han Sunhwa 'Pure&sexy'

Han Sunhwa 'Attractive smile'

Esom - Han Sunhwa 'Seeming like a different charm'

Esom - Han Sunhwa 'Goddess of Battle'

Han Sunhwa 'Today for joy'

Kim Nam-joo 'Elegant Hand greeting'

Sooyoung 'Advanced visual'