Izone Lee Chae-yeon, this eyes are attractive.

Izone Kim Chaewon - Lee Chae-yeon, elegance and Entrance

Izone Jang Won-young, the eyes you'll fall in~

Izone Kim Min-Ju, eyed glitter and hi~

Izone Android Free, cute polar bear fashion~

Izone Hitomi Honda, exclusive atmosphere

Izone inner world with a mask, and Robin Hood in the cuteness mounting~

Izone Jang Won-young, as a mask to flower terminal personnel

Izone Choi - Hitomi Honda, has a jewelry visual

BTS: broadcast appearances. Korean feint ?

日 hear the song that you want to..TWICE of the 'YES or YES'

Group BTS(RM, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, every morning)TWICE(or, the square, Momo, the, available, United, Hyun, Chae, Leitz)of the Japanese broadcast appearances also braking took.

Half-day activities were Japanese media reports such as the recent Japanese broadcast appearances: a line of what was BTS this today(the 13th) Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings in concert to open it.

Group BTS's Japan TV appearances canceled News 'Section TV entertainment communication'through.

'Section TV entertainment communication' BTS Japan for broadcast appearances on the cancellation notice received.

Group BTS(BTS)is a Japanese music program appeared clear to you among the overseas media and of course the domestic political arena in this notice.

BTS, Japanese TV appearances. global influence thanks to rapid half

'BTS: TV clear' controversial spread..durably Japanese popular

'The atomic bomb', not 'Independence'T-shirt only. endless 日 BTS pod after the storm

"Why BTS?"..BTS, 日 TV appearances canceled on the fans around the world wonder