"Demand for nationality," ★ ★ 'National petition'

'Yang Yewon The New Stage' .. Bae Suzy,

Lee Hong-gi and Bae Suzy, over heated condemnation to 'Punition Petition'

Yang Yewon National petition Aftere .. "Bae Suzy sued" vs JYP "It was Apple."

Bae Suzy's "Contact Apple directly to Marvel Studios and follow Legal representative opinion"

One-picture side "Yang Yewon incident is irrelevant .. Bye Suzy to take civil action"

Bae Suzy's third entry with a message of 'Good feedback'

Bae Suzy published instagram posting for Yang Yewon issue. Suzy said that it is NOT just about going.

'Yang YuYeong National petition' Bae Suzy backed by SNS