After you learn Nana with Beautiful looks and was proud.

After School you Nana sexy Dress their bodies had.

Nana Chinese fans and the company will send a surprise gift in the Thank You greeting sent.

Nana, within a Park, but the charm pack had.

Nana Lee Guk-joo, the head and the heart I was.

"The heat watch"..Nana, 'Justice' Services property Inspection of chic charm

'Justice' Nana, 'Compromise nothing' bomb Inspection The Metamorphosis

Nana - Jang Ki-yong 'Never before visual couple'

Nana, walking elegantly

Nana 'Gorgeous, Beautiful looks and fashion'

Nana's stylish winter fashion..pure from the enchant until

"Come with me today." .. 'Kim Byoung-su' Park Seo-joon, the eternal prince of Park Min-young

Nana → Lee Ki-woo, join the ice bucket challenge "Do not lose hope"

Nana → Kwak Si-yang also joined the ice bucket challenge 'B1A4 campground branch'

Nana also Ice Bucket Challenge .. 'Lion' Park Hae-jin, Kwak Si-yang and Lee Ki-woo

Nana "How to make beautiful women is fashion"

"Enchanting Close-Up" .. Nana, go away Shining Romance Beautiful looks

Nana, beauty itself

Nana, beauty itself

Nana, 'Gorgeous with the king cubic belt' (23rd Chunsa Film Festival)