Nam Gyu-ri, 36th birthday..The Gift to be surrounded by Happiness one Goddess(ft.Feng Shui)

Nam Gyu-ri, birthday right led advertising display Board certified 'Beautiful looks with Radiant Office'

The singer cum actress Nam Gyu-ri with the Spring to call the beautiful visuals drew attention.

Actor Nam Gyu-ri with the Online Game of the new face was.

Nam Gyu-ri is the amount of down hair is also Perfect match to digest that beauty to transform him.

The singer cum actress Nam Gyu-ri near the situation to the public.

SeeYa 'Sugar Man 3' appeared after the debut 14th anniversary of the Toei Asakusa Line until the event

Actress Nam Gyu-ri with the mood Goddess download their status exposed.

Nam Gyu-ri, Food Goddess crowned? Southern Hollin cute wink

Lim Ju-hwan - Nam Gyu-ri 'Doll-like couple'

Nam Gyu-ri, a fascinating Jazz Washington as The Metamorphosis (This dream production presentation)

This power, maintained the status of enemies appeared (This dream production presentation)

Nam Gyu-ri, Poland "Glory Together" Shot "Glory Together"

'Terius behind me' Nam Gyu-ri, So Ji-sub

Nam Gyu-ri, 'Beauty' explosion with unique charm

"It is beautiful even if it is difficult." Nam Gyu-ri, Beautiful looks

'The goddess of pure white' Nam Gyu-ri, acting actor

"SeeYa Integrity" .. Nam Gyu-ri X This X Kim Yeon-ji, eternal friendship