Na Moon-hee "There is a big prize in front of juniors."

"An unending touch" .. 'Akans' 12th trophy in Na Moon-hee's arms

"End with a word of ambassador" Kim Yoon-seok "Not replaceable Not comparable" Na Moon-hee

Trophy collection Na Moon-hee and tears Lee Soo-kyung and Kwonbong 'Namhansanseong'

Son Ye-jin, Congratulations Na Moon-hee

'White figure' 78 years old Na Moon-hee, Academy Award for Best Actress Ochile meaning

Na Moon-hee Best Actress in Women, Junior Standing Clap

From Kim Nam-joo to Choi Hee-seo .. 'Full of emotion'

"Democracy and the Power of the Audience"

From the tears to the robbers .. ★ 'Verbal'

Na Moon-hee "World Press Photo of the Year, to share with comfort women"

Yu Hae-jin, 'Fashion point is white running shoes'

Yu Hae-jin, a living look

Hwang Woo, 'The Wrestler'