NU'EST Min Hyun, Beauty brand photoshoot in public ... domestic Men First

NU'EST, Fatal Attraction was a new song 'I'm in Trouble' MV Teaser first

NU'EST Aaron, See through to Exposure one official photo

'Comeback' NU'EST Baekho, official photo revealed..the climax of the Romantic and sexy beauty

NU'EST Rennes, more 'Nocturne' official photo revealed..dream+alluring pure white atmosphere

NU'EST, more 'Nocturne' Baekho→group photo public..intense visual relay

NU'EST Min Hyun, official photo revealed..dazzling gold visual

NU'EST Rennes, Mini 8 home the photo..Check The Metamorphosis

Group NU'EST(JR, Aron, backhoe, Min Hyun, Len) JR this new version of the photo to the public.

'More Nocturne' NU'EST, A group official photo revealed..attractive visual Snowy Road

"This atmosphere, mysterious drop"..Rennes, soft charisma (Teaser)

'Comeback' NU'EST, Min Hyun Comeback Trailer revealed..mystical dream beauty

NU'EST Aaron, 'The Nocturne' Trailer video public ... atmosphere maximizes

NU'EST, 5 September 11, Mini 8 home 'The Nocturne' comeback..JR Trailer first public

NU'EST JR, Beauty brands advertising Model contract "the amazing Sinergy effect"

NU'EST Hwang Min Hyun "fans day perfect as people make me..hard."

Hwang Min-hyun, piece's of jewelry..'Open to visual'

BTS this 1 monthly group brand reputation 1 ranked.

Group NU'EST(JR, Aron, Baekho, Min Hyun, Ren)of member Baekho with luxury body line was proud.

Group NU'EST(JR, Aron, backhoe, Min Hyun, Rennes)a member of the Rennes this overseas solo event to Bangkok, and hotter than ever with it.