'Psycho-Pass diary' information line the father Myoeng-su Kim with the intelligence of the child becomes 8 years ago cause of the accident turns out.

Singer and an actor Myoeng-su Kim(El)broadcast for KBS 2TV new KBS Drama Special 'Welcome, First Time in Korea?'(The festival) - starring.

KBS2 'Just, one love'through starring as feet to be the magnificent Actor Myoeng-su Kim with Star&Style magazine at style with 10 on holiday the cover was decorated.

Help support, Shin Hye-sun Myoeng-su Kim and beautiful Farewell "Pretty people"

Myoeng-su Kim 'Love of My Life', and just near City Hall than any other as long as P!nk suit fit

Jung Hae In, Lee Joon-gi and Infinite El and popular dancing 'dentition'

"I am a face genius" .. Myoeng-su Kim, chic Aura

'Miss Hammurabi' Myoeng-su Kim, Coffee time in front of the rainy court

'Hammurabi' Go Ah-ra ♥ Myoeng-su Kim, Toei Asakusa Line Taking the Moonlight Skinship 'Simung'

'Hammurabi' Myoeng-su Kim, The Mask

'Miss Hammurabi' Go Ah-ra - Myoeng-su Kim, Romantic Moonlight Date

From Lee Joon-ho to Myoeng-su Kim, Smoke stone prejudices as a real actor!

Myoeng-su Kim joins ice bucket challenge 'Go Ah-ra - Woohyun'

'Miss Hammurabi' Go Ah-ra X Myoeng-su Kim,