Kim Sae-ron, if you immerse yourself in a Beautiful looks..AD shooting of receipt

Park Min-young 'Maybe he is, fresh things'

Park Min-young 'The first one that I have'

Park Min-young 'The bread with the poses themselves, but only'

Park Min-young 'The real beauty of Majesty'

Park Min-young 'Shine Hair'

Park Min-young 'Neighbors. true.'

'The end of a teenager'

Marble stones, Marble stomping up the stairs

Kim Sae-ron 'Mature atmosphere'

Kim Sae-ron, 'I grew up pretty well.'

Orders, 'A luxury blonde hair'

Han Ji-hye 'Big pearl earrings stand out beautiful ~' (Mulberry)

Han Ji-hye 'Fashionable autumn fashion ~' (Mulberry)

Black Pink Lisa, 'Half of face is eyes ~'

Sung Yu-ri 'A prominent beauty' (Mulberry)

Black Pink Rosette 'I fall in my eyes ~' (Mulberry)

Sung Yu-ri 'More beautiful after marriage'