'King:eternal Monarch' Lee Min-ho♥Kim Go-eun, this and the last showdown at Seungri 'Parallel-world happy ending'

'Ducking' in this picture, Lee Min-ho in the Decapitation you were

'The King' Lee Min-ho x Kim Go-eun, Lee Jung-with a first success.."Don't return, you"

'Ducking' Kim Go-eun, this and the other world gets stuck on the "Lee Min-ho forever and never Come back"

'King:eternal Monarch' Lee Min-ho and Woo Do-hwan in the past, trapped. 'This with runaway or'

Lee Min-ho and Woo Do-hwan, a different face, such as 'Handsome'..Yellow Emperor and spirit

"Handsome Apple next to a handsome Apple," Lee Min-ho X Woo Do-hwan, 'Ducking' End of the only lull 'Warming AKEMI'

Lee Min-ho, after the shoot out but the rest scene..Yellow Emperor of where?

'The King - eternal Monarch' today End..Lee Min-ho - Kim Go-eun→this photo End feel

Lee Min-ho, visual Yellow Emperor The Last of the greeting "BYE 2gon"

Lee Min-ho, 'the King: eternal Monarch' End impressions "Nutrients of time"

"Lee Min-ho♥twist, Kim Go-eun open, and the happy ending"..'Ducking'the left would be 3

'Ducking Lee Min-ho said' Mac box 'All citizens' and ' floats

'The King' Lee Min-ho, "More than ever, the scene in the depth of the work"

Lee Min-ho♥Kim Go-eun, the role of the night flip, and happy ending..kind of 'Ducking' left by 3 things

The controversy covered in 'King : eternal Monarch', and eventually shabby benched

'King: eternal Monarch' Kim Sook's limits, to the rumors, after the end of the second said