Minseo "Whiter Melencolia I as the book is good..multiple authors and collaboration, and"

Minseo,'As with the first Acting challenge'

Minseo, Acting his The Metamorphosis

tvN D digital drama 'A little sensitive okay in Season 2' production presentation 2, November 1, afternoon Seoul MAPO-GU Sangam-dong Stanford Hotel Grand Ballroom was held at.

Singer Minseo 1 Days afternoon outside Stanford Hotel opened in tvN D I also fine 2'(directing Kim Ki-Yoon, and Jae Hong) making presentations attending for photo time.

Minseo 'Colorful dance'

Minseo 'Bold costume ~' (The Show)

Minseo, 'Goddess beauty' called Close-Up

Minseo 'A stage of passion'

"I miss you already" Park Myeong-su ♥ Han Min-min, honey drip trip to Italy (ft. Daughter Minseo)