Actress Shin Minah's AD shooting scene was unveiled.

'Running Man' why X oil X Hong Jong Hyun X Win X AOA Jimin Minah appeared..Level Up Project finals

'Running Man' Lee Yoo-ri and refinery and Hong Jong-Hyun and win with Jimin and Minah, 'Fighting the instep finals race'

'Running Man' Lee Yoo-ri X oil X Hong Jong Hyun X Win X AOA Jimin∙Minah, Competition ★s shot

"Eye out the next goddess" Minah, excellent condition

Girl's Day Minah with near panic to the public.

Girls Day Minah, a cute little giggle

AOA Hyejung 'Enraged leg length'

AOA Seolhyun 'Beauty that shines more than sunshine'

AOA Seolhyun 'Smart phone with cute bag'

Minah, 'Close-Up is no problem skin'

'Absolute Boyfriend' Hong Jong-Hyun X Minah, already pink color 'Expectation UP'

Girl's Day 8th Anniversary of Debut .. Minah and Sojin "Thank you for your precious"

Yeo Jin-goo → Minah joins ice bucket challenge 'Lee Gyoo-hyeong - Kim Ho Young'

AOA Integrity, Comeback Celebratory photo  'A pretty girl next to a pretty girl'

AOA Seolhyun, 'Sweat on forehead'

AOA Seolhyun 'So pretty?'

AOA Seolhyun 'So pretty?'

AOA, a comeback picnic pajama group shot 'Rising expectation'

AOA, sneakers off the heel!