"'The King' Kemi explosion"..Lee Min-ho, Military service ahead of 'Shaved' Woo Do-hwan and affectionate hug

"Your best total to be" Lee Min-ho, Enlisted ahead of Woo Do-hwan and two-shot Public 'Warming'

Lee Min-ho, Military service ahead of Woo Do-hwan and if "Your best total to be"

Park Bo-gum 8 October in the military Enlisted confirmed.. Royal Navy culture, promoting disease Acceptance "Enlisted until the movie and drama filming finish it"

Park Bo-gum, coming 8 31 military Enlisted.."Royal Navy culture, promoting disease Acceptance"

Park Bo-gum,8 31, the Royal Navy cultural relations disease as Enlisted

The Guardian, 5 14 military..EXO Xiumin and Do Kyung-soo this is the third(comprehensive)

"WE ARE ONE EXO! ♥Let"..the Guardian 14 Military service, leader of goodbye

"I will miss you." The Guardian, 5 14 mouth..EXO one third Military start

EXO Guardian, and next Military service..the team out a third of military duties

3 26, today's idol is? EXO(EXO) 'Xiumin'

Xiumin(XIUMIN), Min-Suk wings off and down which have been (feat.Happy Minseok it♥)

NC, Military service ahead of Lee Min-ho and complete the contract..Salary 1 billion

NC Lee Min-ho, '46% reduction' 1 billion in the salary contract.. 16 Enlisted

Lee Min-ho, NC and Salary 1 billion in contract renewal..16 Military service

NC Pitcher Lee Min-ho, Salary 1 billion in contracts after Military service

Group EXO with military service to one member Do Kyung-soo along with a group photo taken with warming to know about.

In the military boy group EXO member Do Kyung-soo family members and of boasted.

Do Kyung-soo(Management)Family Vacation EXO Concert found on.

Actor Lee Min-ho with the military and Come back as I was.