EXO Kai, Milan, she comes 'Species'this

EXO Kai, Milan Fashion show of the 'Global fashion Icon'

EXO Kai, Milan Fashion show of the charismatic 'Nice Explosion'

EXO Kai, the Gucci collection to attend to the intense eyes

Kai, 'The fans and eyes perfect for greeting'

Kai, 'Milan back to~'

Kai, 'Fans greeted'

Kai 'Miso only left Milan six'

Kai 'Milan goes to Kai'

Lee Sung-kyung 'Milan accepted and come walking'

Lee Sung-kyung 'Milan had the chance~!'

Lee Sung-kyung, how you smile Angel is the pure(Airport fashion)

Lee Sung-kyung, Milan Fashion show All Kill one baggy suit, Holy 'Overwhelming force'

Lee Sung-kyung, Milan to the Goddess of the smile~

Actor Lee Sung-kyung the Milan Fashion show in seizures was.

Lee Sung-kyung 'The new one'

Lee Sung-kyung 'Heart-fluttering hearts The Gift'

Lee Sung-kyung 'autumn feeling much'

Lee Sung-kyung,'Lively juicer already Bouncing departure enjoy'

Lee Sung-kyung'information eyes'