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Kang Ha-neul X Park Seo-joon 'Midnight Runners', the plot and the opening at the time acclaimed The Man 男 Kemi

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Showman miserable failure 'Lion', and eventually IPTV

'Lion' Kim Joo hwan Director "With this and forward, also take part"

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Fantasy with intense action, and explosive Acting synergy and hot drama into the popular film 'Lion'with the opening, the first day of the last month, 31, 38 only the 166 members of the audience to mobilize and come to the Summer Theater in the exciting and caused a sensation.

'Midnight Runners'→'Lion' Park Seo-joon and Kim, Joo hwan Director, grossing pay failure continues

"OccultNO, GoodYES"..Kim Joo hwan Director, 'The Lion'in our authenticity

'Lion' Director "'Midnight Runners' Subsequent 'middle-aged police' But..once 'Lion' Subsequent expectations"