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'Straw' Jung Woo-sung "Wait for the conduction of work..the value of time"

'Straw even look like beasts' Jung Woo-sung, now Kim Yong-Hoon, the Director and the task of thinking about revealed.

Jung Woo-sung 'Today is wonderful'

Jung Woo-sung, does not change the presence

Jung Woo-sung, the perfect suit fit

For Master Yun to set in on the joke and laugh too-Smoking - Jung Woo-sung

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The film 'Straw even look like beasts' Media Distribution Board 2 December 3 p.m. Seoul Megabox COEX on the open.

Jung Woo-sung, awesome Miso

Jung Woo-sung 'Today is wonderful'

Han Ji-min,'The description need not'

Han Ji-min,'Angel showed up'

Han Ji-min,'Winter flowers smile'

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Claudia Kim, the'Fresh with a smile'

Claudia Kim, the'Fan service is the default'

Lee Kwang-soo, 'Fans and affectionately'

Jung Woo-sung - Jo In-sung, 'Appeared only as a light or'