Monsta X Wonho X-Type, pair pictorial..Boy beauty exudes

Monsta X Wonho X-type, units, expected a handsome combination

SHINee's member, and as a solo artist is also a grab and Lee Tae-min fashion magazine Maria Grazia Cucinotta 2 on the cover.

Esom 'Fresh smile'

Cha Jung-won 'Well be back soon.~'

"Wannabe Style" .. Jessica Jung, LA Elegant embroidered fabric

'Even today' Kim Ji-won, the graceful autumn goddess

Hyundai, Hyundai, LA proven non-replaceable charm

'Life' Won Jin-A "It's still too far to feel the satisfaction of acting."

"Mature beauty" .. Son Yeon-jae, Goddess of Phuket

Goo Hara "The happiest moment, the day I spent peacefully and peacefully"

"Just before falling asleep, happiness" .. Goo Hara, Hong Kong pictorial imminent comeback

Girls' Generation 'Between dream and light'

More precious Ha Ji-won, Moscow