'Bulletproof'the boys reply.

BTS, 日 containment in durably.

TWICE this year Korea and Japan in each of the 120 million album sales and raised.

"Discography+music Double Queen".. TWICE, comeback 7 days of record

TWICE 'Yes or Yes', 7 Music Charts # 1 Dinner ticket

TWICE 8 Day First Sound Source 1, source desktop Group power

TWICE 'YES or YES', the public 8 days 7 No. 1 on music charts

"Nevertheless, TWICE"..'YES or YES', 8 days, 7 Charts, 1 for

"Circle stop is within a group of low power"..TWICE 'YES or YES', the day 8 Music Charts # 1

Celebrity a reporter of the Mnet Asian Music Awards reaction ③ - TWICE 'YES or YES'

TWICE 'YES or YES' 8 the second chart is normal..10 consecutive hit grouting

TWICE, the American Your Happy..'YESorYES' Day 8 7 Car 1

TWICE 'YES or YES', Public 8, the first 7 Charts, 1 for 'The stop is within a group'

TWICE, 8 days 7 Chart 1 for sweeping 'The stop is within a group'

TWICE(TWICE)mini 6 house title song 'YES or YES'to public 8 days in melon, including 7 music charts it's 'Want stop girl group'other low prowess.

Three years Twice, 30 years?.. " Yes or Yes! "

'Dark Figure of Crime', No. 3 on the 3rd day, and 2.4 million, 'Venom'

Lucky Twice, November Comeback .. New song M / V filming completed

'time' Kim Jung-hyun and Seohyun, 'A curved fate'