Group Izone(IZ*ONE)already have and keep Mana Sakura, Choi, Kang Hye-won's new official photo to the public.

'White Skins+red lips+brown eyes'..Izone Mana Sakura, dark atmosphere

Izone Mana Sakura, The performance for the end "Cheer"

Within a group Izone member of the Mana Sakura with cute sheep go head to digest.

Within a group Izone(Jang Won-young, Beauty and keep Mana Sakura, Joe Glass, the best art, or the inner world with, an Some I never, the right is the river, Grace Park, Honda Hitomi, Kim Chae-Won, Kim Min-Ju, Lee Chae Yeon) member meeting and keep Mana Sakura with the United States in New York in a refreshing charm to show him.

Izone Mana Sakura, adorable presence

Jang Won-young - Mana Sakura,'One - day representative Center visual'

Izone Mana Sakura, 'Two questioning rooms dance'

Mana Sakura - Jang Won-young, Korea - Japan representative Center Terminal

Izone fine with Mana Sakura with 15 Afternoon Seoul MAPO-GU Sangam-Dong CJ E&M opened in the cable TV Mnet 'M! COUNTDOWN' pre-rehearsal photo Chugai Travel to attend.

Group Izone this on the radio first appeared.

Mana Sakura debuts as scheduled in controversy

Izone Mana Sakura, Eugene, Chae Won and Won Young, loveliness passed through the lens

Final Seung-bang, Lee Seung-gi