"Happy birthday, Thank You, I'm"..Izone Mana Sakura, Cherry enjoy walking

Samsung Group Izone Mana Sakura with superior visuals boasted.

Group Izone(IZ*ONE)already have and keep Mana Sakura, Choi, Kang Hye-won's new official photo to the public.

'White Skins+red lips+brown eyes'..Izone Mana Sakura, dark atmosphere

Izone Mana Sakura, The performance for the end "Cheer"

Within a group Izone member of the Mana Sakura with cute sheep go head to digest.

Within a group Izone(Jang Won-young, Beauty and keep Mana Sakura, Joe Glass, the best art, or the inner world with, an Some I never, the right is the river, Grace Park, Honda Hitomi, Kim Chae-Won, Kim Min-Ju, Lee Chae Yeon) member meeting and keep Mana Sakura with the United States in New York in a refreshing charm to show him.

Izone Mana Sakura, adorable presence

Jang Won-young - Mana Sakura,'One - day representative Center visual'

Izone Mana Sakura, 'Two questioning rooms dance'

Mana Sakura - Jang Won-young, Korea - Japan representative Center Terminal

Izone fine with Mana Sakura with 15 Afternoon Seoul MAPO-GU Sangam-Dong CJ E&M opened in the cable TV Mnet 'M! COUNTDOWN' pre-rehearsal photo Chugai Travel to attend.

Group Izone this on the radio first appeared.

Mana Sakura debuts as scheduled in controversy