Actor ago also Smoking usual knew between Jung Woo-sung and the film 'Straw even look like beasts'to work through from first met them.

Lee Yeon-bok, the MV Sewol Memorial Ribbon Month.

Comment but first.. Jung Woo-sung's reflection is yet to come amazing things

"Ruined" is IU, "Hawk's eyes" Yuheyul .. I was surprised

Kim, Jin-Jin "Seven years of screen challenge, small opportunities"

② Prominent stars, their names and cancer

Jung Woo-sung "The past regime is strange"

'Refugee Speech' Jung Woo-sung "Social Little Voice, MV Sewol's homework"

"Let's act silently." .. Jung Woo-sung, Reason for firm commitment

"Debt consciousness after MV Sewol ↑" .. Jung Woo-sung,

Jung Woo-sung "Why social comment? MV Sewol Homework given by accident"

Jung Woo-sung "MV Sewol case, Social Little Voice"

'BIFAN Special Exhibition' Jung Woo-sung "Why the Little Voice?" MV Sewol'Associate with "