IU vs EXO vs MAMAMOO, 'Inkigayo' # 1 candidate clash..Voting war begins

'Inkigayo' IU vs EXO vs MAMAMOO, 1 for Battle

IUvsEXOvsMAMAMOO, 'Inkigayo' # 1 trophy Battle

'Inkigayo' IU vs EXO vs MAMAMOO, 1 for the trophy against

'Inkigayo' IUvsEXOvsMAMAMOO, 1st place trophy set, and hit

K-WAVE 64 times

The last 1 days Kim or pool, and Yang Da-il released a duet song 'Broke as we watched things you need to'this two-time IU's new song 'Blooming(Blueming)'and toss about contact charts the fight to make it.

EXO and MAMAMOO, late Goo Hara Vivo, schedule, Adjust, and cancel the "Deep mourning"

AOA and MAMAMOO schedule cancellation .. late Goo Hara Vivo showbiz condolences expressed

Group AOA, MAMAMOO, EXO, etc late Goo Hara, and mourning, and the schedule adjusted or canceled.

Girl group Kara released their singer and an actor Goo Hara's death news, various showbiz schedule is cancelled or postponed, was.

Late Goo Hara Vivo has also a mourning mood..EXO, MAMAMOO, AOA, etc caught the schedule change and cancellation

EXO and MAMAMOO and NCT127 such as Goo Hara Memorial, schedule Adjust

Singer Goo Hara of abrupt Vivo flexible in schedule to cancel the deceased were mourning.

Group MAMAMOO and EXO with the late, Goo Hara, and mourning, and schedule to Adjust and canceled.

The industry group 'Kara' born singer Goo Hara(28)of the memory matrix to join in on it.

Group Kara released their and(the late) Goo Hara of Death in showbiz even with grief, among the group EXO and MAMAMOO with schedule adjustments and cancellations decided.

MAMAMOO the most heartwarming group shot to share.

Kakao(co-representative of many people's water, even Water) Music platform melon(Melon) this create Pop Music Awards 'MMA 2019'this represents 10 of all with the sectoral selection of winners Voting is in, and the event Countdown on The took the plunge.

EXO - MAMAMOO - BTS, such as MMA 2019 artist TOP10 announcement