BTS, STC Amy Schumer in "I'll come again." Reunion promise

BTS, American - English - major music chart-coal rights

BTS, 日 Oricon until 1!..The world music market 'Can

BTS, Japan chart seats tickets..Oricon # 1

BTS, Japan chart seats tickets..Oricon # 1

BTS, K-POP new history to write.

BTS new album 'Persona', the second 200 million Breakthrough..unstoppable momentum

The world swept BTS, 'Billboards 200' 'Hot 100'to grasp (comprehensive)

BTS, or 1. K-pop as a description that cannot be independent phenomena

BTS or 1 for, K-pop, but with a description that is independent phenomena(comprehensive)

BTS, United States of America and United Kingdom Albums charts the same time 1 for

BTS, beauty Billboards 3 consecutive Masters tickets→United Kingdom Official Chart # 1..Korean singer first