Gim Gu-ra, Ice bucket challenge "My father died"

Sean "Park Bo-gum, etc. ★ Good influence, leading to fan participation .. Miracle"

Park Bo-gum's right impetus, moves the fans

Kang Daniel, join the Ice bucket challenge "If it's hard ..."

Seo Ha-joon, Ice Bucket Challenge Joined by Shori and Jeon Ji-yoon

(Women) children small - Hwang In Sun, Ice bucket challenge

Wanna One, New East W and Mama Mu, Ice bucketchallenge 12 days interest ing ing

Jang Keun-suk, join the ice bucket challenge .. Song Jae Suk and Cha-yeop 'Landmark'

Moon Gaby and Donation participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge. Also support 'Hope Project'

Nana → Kwak Si-yang also joined the ice bucket challenge 'B1A4 campground branch'

Kim Sook, regular sponsor instead of ice water .. join the ice bucket challenge

Yeo Jin-goo → Jung Woo-sung joins Ice Bucket Challenge "Donation over 24 hours"

Wonhyo Kim ♥ Sim Jin-hwa joins Ice Bucket Challenge "Donation too"

"Donation instead of ice water" .. Kim Yoo-jung join the ice bucket challenge

"Donation instead of ice water" .. Kim Yoo-jung join the ice bucket challenge

'Midnight' Sean and Park Bo-gum and Sooyoung, the entertainment industry is now in ice bucket challenge 'sirocco'

Signed Jea, Ice Bucket Challenge "Kwak Yoon-gy"

IU → Kim Eana joins ice bucket challenge 'Narsha and BJ Jean Pandemic'

Jun Hyun-moo ♥ Han Hye-jin, Ice bucket Challenge

Park Bo-gum → Lee Joon-hyuk, joined the Ice Bucket Challenge 'Han Sang-jin - Kim Jung-hyun'