Moon So-ri 'An elegant step'

Kim Ji-soo 'From the point of view,'

Ju Ji-hoon 'Can you hold on to your heartfelt eyes?'

Han Go-eun, 'A steady beauty'

Better hands, beautiful pictures please.

Lee Yo-won 'A scene-like visual of a movie'

Han Go-eun 'Unique dress with red dot pattern'

A good fairy 'A fairy in the woods'

Lee Yo-won, 'Mother of three children'

A good 'A sudden laughing call'

Han Go-eun, a charming smile of the goddess of aid

Han Go-eun, 'Beauty glitter'

Lee Yo-won, both hands full of smile

Lee Yo-won, the department store is like a runway!

Better hands, moments moment pictured

Son Na-eun 'I was careful.'

Han Go-eun, 'Elegance explosion'

Better hands, charming lips ~

Lee Yo-won, I'm going to wear my shoes.